Collection: Ritual Items

Our ritual items are to support your practice and/or spirituality. Rebecca and justin are of European descent and often look to the traditions of their ancestors. There is a rich history, pre-christian colonization,  of looking to the earth and spiritual world for support and healing. Many of those killed during the US and European witch trials were women who identified as christians and also practiced herbalism and community healing.

We have no need to take traditions from other cultures as our own is rich in practice. We are very careful and speak out to educate other white people when we see cultural appropriation and colonization of ritual practice.

There are some practices that we agree are closed to those of us who present in the world as white, we do not practice them nor will we sell those items at Wild Soul River. If you are a person of non-european descent we can connect you to other folx who do sell the items you may need for your practice, or we might be able to order them from our suppliers and sell them to you at cost. We strive to not profit off the traditions of other cultures.

If you see that we are not walking the talk, please approach us and let us know. We have our own accountability circles but also recognize that education and learning is always happening.

Ritual Items

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