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Protection Cross

Protection Cross

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“Also known as a Bride’s cross. The practice of tying rowan wood to farm animals as a protection charm against the evil eye is mentioned and condemned by King James I in his book ‘Demonology’. Scarborough Museum has a number of Rowan items, all from Yorkshire:- a forked rowan twig (E. Yorkshire, 1860) carried in the pocket as a charm against witchcraft; three rowan crosses (bound with red thread) used to keep witches away, either hung over the door of a house or farm building or carried in the pocket; also two rowan loops, which were hung on railings to keep away witchcraft and evil (Castleton, Yorkshire) (information supplied by Tabitha Cadbury - see her report ‘The Clarke Collection of Charms and Amulets’ in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic library).

A visitor to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic from Pennsylvania described the custom there of tying together sticks from five “blessed woods” - oak, walnut, ash, elder, and a fifth she couldn’t remember - and fixing the bundle above the bedroom door as a protection amulet. The bundle can also be put under the pillow to protect against nightmares, as can a half pair of scissors.”


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