Protection Cross
Protection Cross

Protection Cross

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“Also known as a Bride’s cross. The practice of tying rowan wood to farm animals as a protection charm against the evil eye is mentioned and condemned by King James I in his book ‘Demonology’. Scarborough Museum has a number of Rowan items, all from Yorkshire:- a forked rowan twig (E. Yorkshire, 1860) carried in the pocket as a charm against witchcraft; three rowan crosses (bound with red thread) used to keep witches away, either hung over the door of a house or farm building or carried in the pocket; also two rowan loops, which were hung on railings to keep away witchcraft and evil (Castleton, Yorkshire) (information supplied by Tabitha Cadbury - see her report ‘The Clarke Collection of Charms and Amulets’ in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic library).

A visitor to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic from Pennsylvania described the custom there of tying together sticks from five “blessed woods” - oak, walnut, ash, elder, and a fifth she couldn’t remember - and fixing the bundle above the bedroom door as a protection amulet. The bundle can also be put under the pillow to protect against nightmares, as can a half pair of scissors. Sage is also burned for protection.”


A cross made of applewood (with some bark left on the crosspiece), bound with various colored threads. Applewood is associated with love magic. The threads are used to bind magic into these charms and a spell or incantation would be used during the making of them.


Cedar was also used by ancient Nordic peoples to invoke the spirit of the god Odin, either as a sacrificial incense or by using a staff or wand of the wood in ritual. Cedar is often used as incense to fortify personal strength and for stability in times of challenge or struggle. It is said to help transform difficult situations into experiences where wisdom, strength, and willpower can be cultivated.

In Folk Herbalism, Cedar has been employed for its powerful grounding energy. In many esoteric traditions it is known to help one become more resilient in the face of personal challenges in life. Its predominant Saturnian qualities can help one become more deeply rooted on their personal path, helping to cultivate spiritual strength and foundation. For many, working with Cedar on a spiritual level has helped build confidence and courage. In a psycho-spiritual sense, Cedar has been used to help people overcome anxieties, self-doubt, and insecurities, strengthening ones roots and stoking the fire of confidence within.