The earth is AMAZING!! We must take care of the earth and if we do, it will continue to support us as we support it. 

Capitalism drives a crystal industry that is mired in war, slavery, and an all-out assault on the earth we love so much. How could a crystal support us when it was mined by child labor, dangerous practices, and rape of the earth? 

Our crystals are mostly natural and unpolished. About 85% of what we carry is mined by small miners who we buy directly from or connect with through friends. For almost every mineral we sell, we can tell you what mine it came from and often who the miner was. For now, almost all of our crystals come from what is currently known as the United States or Canada.

There are many crystals that we do not carry. Why? If we can't ethically source the mineral, we do not buy or sell it.

Though this process is difficult and more expensive we believe that if we follow our ethics, the healing from the earth will come back to us, and to you!