Pecos Diamond
Pecos Diamond
Pecos Diamond

Pecos Diamond

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Pecos diamonds are a natural phenomenon unique to Southeastern New Mexico and the Pecos river. In geological terms, they are naturally occurring doubly terminated quartz crystals, which means the best examples of the diamonds have a point at each end and six smooth sides known as facets. (reference 1)

They are called “Pecos Diamonds” because they are only found in the Pecos River Valley, an area 20 miles wide and a north-south distance of about 100 miles, centering in Roswell, New Mexico and that when the sun’s rays are just right the desert looks as if it is just a sea of glittering diamonds. (reference 2)

Pecos diamond is like a diplomatic person. It brings out the best in the stones being worn at the same time. When used alone, it harmonizes the individual very quietly, very gently. It is a wonderful calmer for hysteria and anxiety, especially when induced by stress such as shock or trauma.

Pecos diamond operates on negative expressions of emotion, allowing the user to perceive himself in that state with detached compassion, rather than judgment and guilt. It does not stop the expression of negativity, however it aids in allowing the individual to gain control over negative thought patterns, and then to change them through conscious choice rather than repeat them. It activates the heart chakra, and draws recognition with loving acceptance in to this area. (reference 3)

Collected: Near Roswell, NM

Photographs are just examples! We will intuitively pick a crystal just for you. 

Note: You get 1 stone similar to the ones pictured. We will choose a crystal that matches this description for you. The stones shown are for illustration as these are natural items please expect some variance from item to item. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical. 

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