Mullein Torch

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Locally made (North Adams, MA) mullein candle from our friend Ben Lamb. The mullein was locally wildcrafted and dipped in beeswax from a local apiary. Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is traditionally known as an herb of protection. Other common names for Mullein Candles are Flower Torches, Mullein Torches, Witches Candles, and Hag Tapers. 

In addition to a nice natural candle to burn for light in the darkness, Mullein torches are a powerful tool for:

  • Protection
  • Purification (purifying a sacred space)
  • Connecting with spirits (especially ancestors)
  • Thinning the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds
  • Other desired rituals

Mullein Candles burn an average of an inch per 3 min. They burn clean and while they can be used inside, beware that they can have quite large flames. Burn at your own risk.

Small roughly: 10"
Medium roughly: 12"
Large roughly: 17"