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Organic Kitchari Spice Mix

Organic Kitchari Spice Mix

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According to the Ayurvedic Institute, "Kitchari means mixture, usually of two grains."

Kitchari is nourishing and easy to digest. 

Ayurvedic InstituteKitchari is basic to the Ayurvedic way of life. Composed of basmati rice and mung dal, it has as many variations as there are cooks who prepare it. A one-pot dish, kitchari originates on the Asian subcontinent and has references dating back thousands of years. The skillful use of spices and vegetables can produce balancing effects for the three bodily doshas. It has many qualities but being quick and easy to prepare makes it a popular dish for almost every lifestyle. Basmati rice and mung dal together create a balanced food that is a good protein combination and is tridoshic. This complete food is easy to digest and gives strength and vitality. It nourishes all the tissues of the body. Kitchari is the preferred food to use when fasting on a mono-fast or while going through cleansing programs."

Our kitchari spice packet makes it easy to make kitchari. We decided to make and sell this spice pack because living in a rural community some community members were struggling to procure the spices to make a tasty healthy kitchari.



3 oz Organic Kitchari Packet includes: Tumeric, Himalayan pink salt, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, cumin, black pepper

made w/ Love & Revolution

How to use

Just toss the desired amount of spice into your mung dal or yellow lentils

-1 cup basmati rice
-1 cup mung dal (split yellow lentils)
-6 cups (approx.) water
-2 tsp. ghee (or coconut oil)
-1 tablespoon spice mix
-1 bay leaf
-1 and 1/2 cups assorted vegetables
-Top with fresh cilantro leaves

-Sauté the spice mix in the ghee.
-Add the rice and dal stir together
-Add the 1 bay leaf and 6 cups of water and cook covered until it becomes soft (roughly 20 min)
-Add the small cut vegetables to the cooked rice and dal mixture and cook 10 minutes longer.
-Top with chopped cilantro and enjoy!


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