Fairy Stones (Marlekors)
Fairy Stones (Marlekors)

Fairy Stones (Marlekors)

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Fairy Stone's (Marlekors) are one of justin's favorite minerals. He often carries one in his pocket. Carry or place a marlekor in your home for protection. 

This is for 1 stone that we will pick for you of the size desired.

In Skåne County in Sweden during the early 1900’s, Oskar Lidén (1938) found thousands of archaeological objects. He documented that marlekor (fairy stones) have a supernatural origin and protective powers. These beliefs have a long history and were still around in the early 1900’s. (reference 2)

In the Connecticut River Valley, these concretions are often called "claystones" because the concretions are harder than the clay enclosing them. In local brickyards, they were called "clay-dogs" either because of their animal-like forms or the concretions were nuisances in molding bricks. Similar disc-shaped calcium carbonate concretions have also been found in the Harricana River valley in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue administrative region of Quebec, and in Östergötland county, Sweden. In Scandinavia, they are known as "marlekor" ("fairy stones"). (reference 1)

Of the earths which gather among the foam in the still creeks, and of river waters, there is formed a loose, white, porous kind of stone, resembling picked or pulled bread : this is called ' Necke-brod ; ' the masses or cakes of which are called marlekor (marekor), because the mare (stdl water) cements them together." (reference 3)

Gathered in: Sharon, VT

Small Roughly: 2" x 1" 

Medium Roughly: 3" x 1.5"

Large Roughly: 5.5" x 2"