Wild Soul River's , salves, tinctures and teas are exactly what you need during these uncertain times. When Rebecca and justin started making these products I was gifted the salves with CBD. I suffer from severe arthritis and multiple autoimmune disorders. The CBD salve is everything you may hope for in a CBD product. I’ve tried many CBD products. What makes this one a stand out is after putting it on the painful parts after a few minutes you notice not just pain relief but the absence of pain This is important to me as a photographer and a busy grandmother.

Please invest your time and monies into these ethically , revolutionary environmentally sourced products.

You will not be dissatisfied nor disappointed.

K’echieko Tamu Clegg Adwinstudiio Photographer


I’ve been taking CBD with tulsi, that Rebeca made for me, every morning on an empty stomach. It helps me start my day with more relaxation and ease! I also use it topically on acne which seems to help to reduce inflammation and quicken healing.

McKenzie Ashbaugh 


I have been using the OG healing salve for several years with unqualified success and relief.

Used it for three main issues:

  1. arthritis in my hand, especially my right pinkie finger,
  2. broken left ring finger
  3. shingles on my back

In all three cases, I applied the salve several times a day for pain relief and was able to either discontinue taking NASAIDs or greatly reduce the dose.

I wholly recommend the salve “for whatever ails you”!! Your mileage may vary.

Enjoy and good health.



Rebecca has helped me immensely with advice, healing salves, fresh garden herbs and more. I am so impressed with the quality of the salves and balms. I had some serious cat scratches once and with this salve, I was completely healed within a few days. No infection, minimal scar. 

In April, I had Coronavirus.  Rebecca did a remote Energy session with me and I immediately felt her energy. 

I recovered and was back to work in just a short time. 

The thing I am most in awe about is their heart. Community care and giving back are admirable qualities and I fully support ethical work.

Sonja Ze


Being a first time mom, I was struggling with shoulder and back pain. After literally one cupping session with Rebecca I felt an immediate release of all my tension and pain. The way she administers the cups is so gentle and loving that you can truly relax and heal. After my cupping session I had one of the best naps ever!! If you have the chance to get treated by Rebecca, please do yourself a favor and book now!

Meagan M


So I finally tried the herbal tea you gave me a few weeks ago, and omg it helped me so much. I was experiencing serious anxiety earlier today and couldn’t seem to get it under control, but the tea seemed to really help me focus and feel relaxed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU