Soothed Scalp - Brooke's Botanicals

Soothed Scalp - Brooke's Botanicals

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From the amazing local herbalist Brooke Bridges of Brooke's Botanicals

This soothing oil is multipurpose! Can be used for a dry, itchy scalp, can help stimulate hair growth, can be used on dry cuticles, and on split ends, too! Crafted with postpartum hair loss in mind.

Ginger oil: Homemade with organic local ginger. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe itchiness and dryness. Boosts circulation in the scalp which promotes hair growth and healthy hair. Strengthens the hair root and follicles which prevents shedding.

Reishi Oil: Local NY wild harvested reishi mushrooms. Homemade with olive oil. Reishi is a natural anti-inflammatory and hydrates - easing an itchy scalp. Antioxidant rich, which help to fight free radicals that love to weaken and damage your hair.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil hydrates and heals your scalp with natural antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Reduced dandruff and flaking.

Jojoba Oil: The composition of Jojoba Oil resembles our own sebum! Which means that when using it our follicles are able to easily recognize Jojoba oil’s molecules and absorb it; ensuring our scalp and hair are well nourished and moisturized. 

 2oz dropper bottle

*No unnatural preservatives are used in this product! The reishi was double extracted in alcohol which is a mild preservative. This means this all-natural formulation can be susceptible to bacterial contamination if water is introduced to it. It is recommended to keep out of the bathroom and/or in a drawer and ensure dry hands before touching the dropper*