Small Prophecy Stone (Limonite/Hematite after Marcasite/Pyrite)

Small Prophecy Stone (Limonite/Hematite after Marcasite/Pyrite)

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Collected in Egypt’s White Desert. Marcasite/pyrite and is replaced with Limonite/Hematite.

In layman’s terms, this gem pseudomorph started out as Marcasite/Pyrite and over time, transformed into Limonite/Hematite while still maintaining its marcasite properties and outer formations. It’s an extremely potent visioning stone and as its name suggests, helps you see into the future. (reference 1)

Prophecy stone is an extremely high vibrational stone that’s a perfect tool for meditation, shamanic journey, divination, and when you need some guidance. This gem helps you receive insights and is also a potent grounding stone, aiding you in anchoring divine messages. Prophecy stone sharpens your memory and assists you in thinking more clearly. It serves as a mental cleanser, calming any erratic emotions to create a pathway for level decision making and rational thought. Prophecy stone also carries the properties of marcasite, including introspection, reflection, higher realm connection, and upper chakra activation. Additionally, this stone helps channel courage, expression, and wisdom. (reference 1)

Small roughly: 11-53g

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