Skeletal Pink Halite

Skeletal Pink Halite

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This piece is striking as it moves from white to dark pink. The Skeletal features are strong!

Pink Halite is a stone that pushes one to love every ounce of themselves and who they truly are. It’s a strong stone that helps one release emotional strain weighing down on them daily. Such feelings as self guilt, low self-esteem, and overwhelming anxiety are perfect symptoms of someone who should carry a piece daily. Pink Halite urges one to open their heart and allow all emotional strain to surface so that it may be dealt with. Once one has accepted what has happened, only then can they move on from it. (reference 1)

Pink Halite is also a stone of great clarity. This stone has been known to assist in providing uplifting energies to anyone who constantly suffers from a foggy mind or lack of mental energy. It helps one who is constantly debating or weighing certain decisions in their head, and pushes one in a direction. This stone teaches one to take great pride and care in their personal decisions they make, and assists with finding an abundance of joy in these difficult decisions.(reference 1)

Be careful to avoid getting pieces of Pink Halite wet as it may start to disintegrate before your eyes.

Mined at: Searles Lake, Taroma, CA

Roughly: 3" x 3" x 2"