October Edible Medicinal Plant Walk

October Edible Medicinal Plant Walk

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Thursday, October 13, 2022


Hoosic River (registrants will get an email with our exact meeting location a few days before we meet. It will be a location that is an easy walk and in what is known as the Williamstown stretch of the Hoosic River.)
Join justin adkins and Arianna Collins from HooRWA ( https://www.facebook.com/HooRWA.org ) to explore the bank of the Hoosic River and learn very basic plant identification of edible and medicinal plants.
We will each enter this space as teacher and learner together as we learn from the plants of the ancestral homelands of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans. 
We will also discuss what Honorable Harvest means as we live together with the plants, the river, and the land.

If we understand the Earth as just a collection of objects, then apples and the land that offers them fall outside our circle of moral consideration. We tell ourselves that we can use them however we please, because their lives don’t matter. But in a worldview that understands them as persons, their lives matter very much. Recognition of personhood does not mean that we don’t consume, but that we are accountable for the lives that we take. When we speak of the living world as kin, we also are called to act in new ways, so that when we take those lives, we must do it in such a way that brings honor to the life that is taken and honor to the ones receiving it.
The canon of indigenous principles that govern the exchange of life for life is known as the Honorable Harvest. They are “rules” of sorts that govern our taking, so that the world is as rich for the seventh generation as it is for us.

- Robin Wall Kimmerer 

To make it more accessible, this circle is offered at three different price levels. Please consider what you are able to give at this time and choose the one that is right for you.

1/2 of the proceeds will go to HooRWA