Moon ritual with Jackie

Moon ritual with Jackie

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May 15, 2022
Please join me for a simple ceremony to commune with the energies of May’s Super Blood Flower Moon (May’s full moon is traditionally the Flower Moon. This year, it coincides with a full lunar eclipse, which makes it a Blood Moon in reference to the red hue it will take on. May’s full moon will also occur during perigree, its closest point to earth, so it will appear quite large in the sky earning the “Super” moniker)

The Flower moon is traditionally a time to celebrate the early spring growth that brings with it the promise of a future harvest. While full moons are often powerful times for manifestation, a lunar eclipse is a good opportunity to release trapped energies and cleanse limiting beliefs. It’s a time to break unhealthy patterns. If we’re tending a garden, the crop grows on its own under the right conditions. We can’t make the crop grow directly, we can only focus on providing favorable conditions and removing weeds and pests. As Marie Kondo said, “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

We’ll draw a circle, call directions, set intentions, and have a short drumming session. After grounding, we’ll hold space for brief sharing. All are welcome regardless of tradition or experience. All offerings will be gratefully directed to Queer Connect Bennington – a local 501c3 that plans an annual Pride celebration and builds community for LGBTQ+ folks year-round.

Bring something to release, small scraps of paper can be burnt.
Ritual drums, rattles, percussion instruments – shamanic drumming techniques will be discussed


To make it more accessible, this circle is offered at three different price levels. Please consider what you are able to give at this time and choose the one that is right for you.

Jackie's Bio

Jackie is honored to have been asked to offer a ritual on the occasion of a lunar eclipse. I’ve practiced esoteric spirituality for over 25 years. I’ve travelled with Christian prophets and practiced faith healing and charismata. I’ve sworn oaths and fulfilled vows to 3 pagan circles. I am a Holy Fire/Usui Reiki practitioner. I’ve practiced traditional folk witchcraft and shamanism and particularly studied mysticism and trance states. I currently practice from a nondualist perspective and believe it’s our duty to reshape reality to our satisfaction.

The class is limited to 8 to allow for personal attention and adjustments.