Like Butter - Brooke's Botanicals

Like Butter - Brooke's Botanicals

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From the amazing local herbalist Brooke Bridges of Brooke's Botanicals

This is a great hair mask/leave-in conditioner for brittle, dry, or hair that is prone to breakage. It can also be used for postpartum shedding! This whipped butter can strengthen the hair follicles, soothe split ends, provide hydration as well as lock in moisture. It can also provide a healthy sheen to hair. This butter is whipped for ease of use.

This is also an EXCELLENT body butter! Brooke, her husband, and baby use this conditioner from head to toe.

This whipped butter is great for people with 3B and up (see the hair types here) as a leave-in conditioned, but for folks with finer/less coily hair it can make your hair rather oily so it’s best as a mask! Where you leave in for 10 or so minutes and then rinse!


Shea Butter: Anti-inflammatory and reduces dryness. Contains vitamin A and E with essential fatty acids which are believed to add moisture and shine to the hair. Non-greasy so does not cause overly oily hair while also providing moisture.

Cocoa Butter: Deeply penetrates and nourishes the hair, while soothing the scalp. Helps to smoothe and moisturize hair strands. Helps with frizz and flyaways. Filled with hydrating fatty acids that absorb easily into the hair shaft and create a coating over it to prevent future damage from setting in.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is an emollient, meaning it can fill in gaps in your hair at a cellular level, soothe the surface, and unclog hair follicles. It also helps to reduce frizziness.

Ginger Infused Coconut Oil: Homemade with organic local ginger. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe dryness. Strengthens the hair root and follicles which prevents shedding. The coconut oil helps to lock in the moisture in your hair. The vitamins and fatty acids in coconut oil help nourish your scalp and penetrate the cuticle of the hair providing deep moisture.

Reishi infused Olive Oil: Local NY wild harvested reishi mushrooms. Homemade with olive oil. Reishi is a natural anti-inflammatory and hydrates. Antioxidant rich, which help to fight free radicals that love to weaken and damage our hair.

Arrowroot Powder: Helps to absorb excess oil.


*No unnatural preservatives are used in this product! The reishi was double extracted in alcohol which is a mild preservative. This means this all-natural formulation can be susceptible to bacterial contamination if water is introduced to it. It is recommended to keep out of the bathroom and/or in a drawer and ensure dry hands before putting your hands into the jar*