Herkimer Diamond Goonie

Herkimer Diamond Goonie

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This is a large goonie (as they are locally called) is a Herkimer that grew around the earth. Very nice larger piece. Clear areas so you can see inside the Diamond to the area it grew on. Smooth flat large surfaces. Some carbon inclusions 

Herkimer Diamonds are known as a stone of attunement because they can help you attune to any situation or environment. (reference 1)

Even if you’re in unfamiliar territory or situations, surrounded by people you don’t know and with intentions that are unclear, the energies of a Herkimer Diamond will put you at ease and guide you in the right direction. (reference 1)

This crystal is known to powerfully amplify your spiritual energy. 

Some users put the quartz in their pillowcases while they sleep claiming long-lasting effects in the dream world. (reference 2)

Mined at: Diamond Acres in Fonda, NY

Roughly: 6" x 5" x 4.5"