Dental Herbalism workshop
Dental Herbalism workshop

Dental Herbalism workshop

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We certainly need to talk about herbs for the mouth and sound oral care!

SEPTEMBER 11 2-4pm

From teething to daily care, herbs for the mouth offer support as well as protection.

Join Leslie Alexander, PhD, RH(AHG) for a 2-hour interactive workshop as we delve into herbal oral care & dental herbalism. Please bring whatever you currently use for mouth care (toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, etc.)

"Dental Herbalism: Natural Therapies for the Mouth" offers more than 400 pages of information relating to the health and well-being for the mouth, oodles of recipes, and more.

“I can't put it better than Rosemary Gladstar did, so I'll second her assessment of this book: "Brilliant, practical, and eminently empowering, this is a ‘veritable owners manual for your mouth’. I’ve had personal issues with my teeth all my life and have been waiting for this book to be written. Filled with in-depth information, practical suggestions, and insightful solutions, Dental Herbalism is book like no other and is sure to revolutionize the way we approach dental health.” — From Dental Herbalism,” by Leslie Alexander & Linda Straub-Bruce


Leslie Alexander, PhD, RH(AHG) is an herbalist, teacher, and author. She has impacted countless lives with her writings, teachings, the plants, and her presence. She has a way of calling up the best in people and speaking vivid truths. She has a robust clinical herbalist practice seeing clients, teaching, mentoring, writing, workshops, plant walks, and all the like. Leslie’s practice is currently based in Erie, Pennsylvania where she sees local clients and those further afield online.

Leslie is my herbalist mentor- her guidance has changed me in profound ways.

When not at work, Leslie enjoys foods of all sorts, the outdoors, laughter, cyanotypes, tai chi, and her canine pal, Ms. ZadieBrindle