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A tea to chill you out

Trauma responses are common body/ brain experiences to not only a traumatic event - but also to prolonged sustained stressors. These expressions of survival response can profoundly deplete our parasympathetic systems. This herbal combination is a mix of powerful adaptogens and nervines that nourish and support taxed nervous systems back into alignment. These plant allies work together to counteract the physical and mental effects of stress in the immune and endocrine systems. They also hold a beautiful piece of plant magic, of lore, of sacred dreams, of folk and family medicine, of hope and resilience, and remembrance of the ancient in our most human experiences.

Roughly 12 servings

Brew Instructions

Fill 1 tablespoon of tea in a cloth tea bag or mesh basket and place in your favorite mug. Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the tea and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength is reached.


Wildcrafted and/or Organic

Tulsi, Chamomile, Hops, Lemon Balm,  Mugwort, Love, Revolution