Bella’s Beautiful Beard Oil
Bella’s Beautiful Beard Oil

Bella’s Beautiful Beard Oil

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A very special blend of coconut oil infused with organic green tea, hemp oil, castor oil. With a magical blend of rose infused vitamin E oil and sweet clementine infused safflower oil complimenting the star of the show: Fir Balsam essential oil from Pranarom.

The green tea promotes growth and stimulates your hair follicles, while the coconut oil smoothes and moisturizes. The fatty acids in the hemp oil help repair and thicken fragile strands. Castor & safflower oils can help promote blood circulation and hair growth.

This beard oil will help reduce beard dandruff, can be useful for patchy beards and can aid in taming, styling and adding shine to any beard.

A little goes a long way! Comb through beard and facial hair, making sure to get the skin underneath. Dab onto cotton ball and treat your face as well. Can be used to soften and smoothe any body hair, yes I really mean everywhere.

Pranarom essentials oils are available at Wild Soul River.

*custom and seasonal blends available